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  • uploaded January 25, 2017

From 2013 to 2016 the city of Naples has been involved in the impressive project “Sette Stagioni dello Spirito” (Seven Seasons of the Spirit) by Gian Maria Tosatti (Rome, 1980) who, by following in the footsteps of the book “The interior castle” (1577) by St. Teresa of Avila, transfigured the seven rooms of the human soul into seven monumental environmental installations.
This wide-ranging work, with many layers of meaning and engaging results, seeks to redefine the relationship between art and the community and is conceived as a single great urban, visual and performative novel. The exhibition at the MADRE museum rekindles the memories of this collective experience and, by recreating the behindthe-scenes experience, enables the public to explore the overall process and intimate moments of the project. It assembles and reveals the overlap of decisions and changes, designs, preparatory sketches, notes and cancellations, eventually reaching the threshold of the artist's studio.

video by Pasquale Napolitano

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