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  • uploaded December 15, 2017

Walk-in and expansive works from the Museion Collection
07/10/2017 – 23/09/2018

Works of art that can be entered and explored; works of art that envelop us and play with our senses; works of art designed to be used in some way: this is the focus of INSTALLATION ART, Museion’s new exhibition, which presents immersive pieces from the museum’s collection that invite the public to physically engage with them. Sixteen artists – from Carl Andre to Luis Jakob, Heimo Zobernig and Monica Bonvicini – present large scale installations, video and works of light art that generate a spatial dimension. The selection spans various different types of installation art – some of them plunge us into an imaginary world, others affect our perception on a sensory or intellectual level, while others are based on eliciting direct interaction with visitors. All of them pay special attention to the viewer, who completes the work of art and becomes part of it, actively participating and adding his or her personal experience. Several of the works were made especially for Museion on occasion of previous exhibitions, and therefore stand as a record of the museums’ past shows.

Featured artists:
Carl Andre, Mirosław Bałka, Robert Barry, Massimo Bartolini, Monica Bonvicini, Angela Ferreira, Spencer Finch, Sylvie Fleury, Werner Gasser, Luis Jacob, Hubert Kostner, Matt Mullican, Otto Piene, Superflex, Günther Uecker, Michel Verjux, Luca Vitone and Heimo Zobernig.

Curated by Letizia Ragaglia

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