Future Architecture: Dimitris Grozopoulos, Effie Kasimati, Fani Kostourou: Activate Modern Ruins!

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  • uploaded January 3, 2018

Dimitris Grozopoulos, Effie Kasimati and Fani Kostourou are architects and urban designers from Greece. After studying at different schools in Europe (AUTh, NTUA, ETHZ, Kingston, UCL), they currently live and work in London. Dimitris is editor-in-chief of archstudies.gr and explores urban decay. Effie researches the impact of digital tools in architecture. Fani pursues a PhD on bottom-up adaptations in buildings. Their work has featured in international exhibitions, conferences and journals. http://vevilosis.tumblr.com

Following the call for ideas that generated 337 ideas by 594 authors from 56 countries all over the world, Dimitris, Effie and Fani were one of the 25 selected candidates that were invited to present visions of future architecture to the 18 members of the first pan-Europan architectural platform Future Architecture.
More: futurearchitectureplatform.org/

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