Sergison Bates | Critical Distance | 15 May 2018

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For Lisbon Architecture Triennale, it was a great pleasure to welcome Stephen Bates in Lisbon for a enthusiastic and inspiring lecture: How do we sense the character of a space? How do we set the character of a project? What should it feel like? What are the perceptive tools that we use to experience space, and movement through space? How do we use memory to navigate space?

"We're always alternating between being extremely confident about an idea, about a project, and on the next day being scared to death about it. And that is exactly where I think we want to be.” mentioned Stephen Bates

Conference was moderated by Cristina Veríssimo
at Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon, Portugal

Established in 1996, by Jonathan Sergison and Stephen Bates, this studio has earned a reputation as one of the UK’s leading practices for projects ranging from urban planning to regeneration, public buildings and housing.

Themes: architecture
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