Thurston Moore | Presentation 2019 Triennale | Venice, May 23rd 2018

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Performance by Thurston Moore at Kick off Presentation of 2019 Lisbon Architecture Triennale during the Venice Architecture Biennale, May 23rd 2018

May 2018. A house in Venice. A Terrace overlooking Punta della Dogana and Laguna di Venezia. We presented the 2019 Lisbon Triennale’s program. That end of the day was so distinct that even the bells of Santa Maria della Salute church joined Thurston Moore.

Lisbon Architecture Triennale 2019
The Poetics of Reason
Save the date: October 3rd to December 2nd 2019
Opening week: October 3rd to 5th 2019
Chief curator: Éric Lapierre
Curatorial team: Sébastien Marot, Ambra Fabi, Giovanni Piovene, Mariabruna Fabrizi, Fosco Lucarelli, Laurent Esmilaire and Tristan Chadney.

Music: ©Thurston Moore, 2018/Thurston Moore Music, BMI, administered by Kobalt. All rights reserved.

Camera: Susana Pomba/Editing: Raquel Guerreiro/Graphic design: Marco Balesteros (LETRA)

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